Sunday, 29 January 2012


Man command internally invokes the sed command to modify the contents of manual pages(documentation written for the commands) and delivers a user readable output.
Example 1:
To read documentation on sed  command  page-wise
/home/b3456/$ man sed | pg

Example  2:
suppose that you want to read the entire documentation of all the commands present  in an unix environment and to save all of its  pages in a single text file, you can run the following script from the command line to do so.
/home/b3456/$  cd  /usr/bin
/usr/bin/$for   i   in  `ls * `   
>man $i  >>/home/b3456/man_all.txt  2>/dev/null
Note: “>” symbol comes by default in all the lines
Here 2> indicates standard error.It is redirected to /dev/null(which is discarded)
Now you can  take a print out of the text file you have just generated( make full  use of office printer  umm!!) and study all commands at home.

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